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Providing Solutions Aimed at the Success of Your Business

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Since July 2003, AxisInternet has provided SMBs with Internet based products and services. They are all aimed at making your business processes more efficient and opening internal communication lines, as well as with your clients and vendors, all resulting in greater success.

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What We Do Internet and Cloud Based Services For Your Business

Hosted and Managed PBX VoIP Services

Axis-VoIP gives you all of the functionality of a standard phone system, plus features and functionality unavailable in standard land line phone systems. Axis-VoIP is powered by the second to none ScopTel IP PBX and Asterisk.

Web Site Hosting Services

We provide a wide range of web hosting services from a simple site with static HTML documents to a fully dynamic database driven site powered by WordPress, Joomla or other Content Management System.

Data Center Co-Location

AxisInternet's co-location facility is connected to the Internet backbone using multiple TIER 1 providers. Our building is independantly powered, fed by all 3 city power grids for redundancy and reliability.

Email Spam & Virus Filtering

AxisInternet has seen an accuracy rate for rejected email of greater than 99%. This means that if our servers reject a message, you can rest assured that it was either spam or infected with a virus.

Cloud Based Virtual Private Servers

Resources ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your own cloud based virtual private server. Multiple resource plans to fit your requirements.

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