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Managed Services

Let Us Manage Your Systems While You Manage Your Business!

It takes manpower and a lot of resources to maintain your company computer systems. In previous years, this meant servers and workstations. But, in today's increasingly mobile world, this means servers, workstations, laptops, tablets and phones - and who knows what they will think of next! To you, this just means more resourses are required to make sure everything is always up and running.

AxisInternet Managed Services keep your company up and running by being proactive about security, updates, system monitoring, and potential problems. With regular maintenance and support performed remotely during off-peak hours, AxisInternet minimizes disruptions and maximizes efficiency.

Maybe you just don't want, or have time to, deal with your servers. We can do that. We can do as much or as little as you require.

Just a few of the things you'll love about your AxisInternet Managed Services:

  • We handle the "How do I...?" and "I can't print..."
  • WebRoot anti-virus on all managed systems
  • One low monthly price per managed system
  • Optional cloud based backup


Proactive monitoring and repair of hardware, software and operating system for potential faults. Support for Linux, Windows and MAC servers.

Workstations / Laptops

All of the same great features of our Server management along with working, as needed, with users for the "I can't print..." or "This program is not working right..." problems.

Webroot Anti-Virus

Smarter, faster, more effective security with real-time protection and fast scans. No hassle of time consuming patching and signature updates. You're always up to date!

Cloud Based Backup

Fast and flexible backup to local storage and/or off-site to the cloud. Goes beyond file-and-folder backups to deliver a secure hybrid solution with support for bare-metal, physical and virtual machines.